Residential New Home HVAC Contractor

Reliant Comfort Systems provides HVAC design, supply and installations for home builders in Calgary. We install residential heating and cooling systems and can help identify energy-saving opportunities where applicable.

Reliant’s skilled, experienced HVAC technicians avoid common heating and cooling issues allowing the builder to stay focused on other project completion deadlines. We can coordinate with the other trades to ensure the HVAC system is completed without interfering with other aspects of the build.

Our expertise in the field can ensure new home construction HVAC installations are completed within the target deadlines and budget.

With every new home project we use industry leading HVAC equipment. We recommend energy-efficient equipment and installations follow building codes and manufacturer recommended guidelines so they have a long life-cycle, making heating and cooling worry free for the homeowner.

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Builders Count on Reliant

Reliant Comfort Systems can help with designs for heating and cooling and assist in making the smartest choices for all HVAC equipment in residential new home construction.

  • We adhere to building codes for all HVAC services
  • Technicians follow safety rules and guidelines
  • We provide field-supervision and quality control inspections
  • Ductwork Installation and Design Solutions
  • Provide full warranty on our work and equipment installed
  • Offer clear and detailed quotes

Reliant a Dependable Team

Your new home building project will be supported by our dedicated team of HVAC professionals from start to finish. We provide job status updates for completion and keep our clients engaged after the job is finished providing a walk through upon HVAC start-up.

We can custom design solutions needed for heating or cooling to maximize efficiency for the HVAC equipment. Reliant has a large warehouse where we’re able to stock a full inventory of parts and equipment from leading manufacturers so that projects have minimal downtime.

We Stock Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

Ductwork Installation

Reliant Comfort Systems has years of experience installing ductwork for heating and cooling systems. Reputable Calgary builders understand the importance of installing ductwork to ensure correct airflow throughout the home which will maintain heating and cooling efficiency and protect HVAC equipment. Builder’s trust Reliant for ductwork design and installation.

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Furnace Breakdown Prevention

Reliant Ductwork Installation and Design Solutions

Energy Efficient Add-Ons

In addition to installing heating and cooling systems we recommend other components essential for designing maximum efficiency residential heating and cooling systems.

Zone control valves can compensate for uneven temperature distribution in homes with high ceilings, basements or rooms with large windows. Controlling the temperature in each room will allow you to be comfortably warm no matter where you are in the home.

Programmable thermostats can save you money by lowering the home’s temperature when your at work or when sleeping. Over an 8 hour period you are able to reduce your utility costs by 2% for every degree the thermostat is lowered.

Whole-house humidifiers can provide relief during Calgary’s cold winters. Cold weather creates an abundance of dry air. A humidifier can add a lot of comfort. Additionally humid air retains more heat so the air feels warmer, allowing home owners to turn down the thermostat reducing their heating bill.

Reliant Comfort Systems has the experience to professionally install HVAC systems for new homes.