Your garage can add more livable space for your home with an installed garage heater.

Garage Heater Benefits

  • It’ll keep your vehicles warm and easier to start during winters
  • Stable temperatures provide better storage for liquids and products susceptible to freezing
  • Allow for a workspace during cold winter months
  • Help to maintain warmer temperatures inside the attached home

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Types of Heaters

In Calgary, natural gas is the most economical way to heat your garage during our long, cold winters.

Forced Air Garage Heaters

A forced air heater works on a similar principle as your furnace, blowing warm air into the space needing heat. Forced air heating will provide similar comfort as your home allowing you to use your garage during the coldest days of the year.

Forced air heaters are much quieter than older models and will provide even temperature distribution.

A forced air heater offers more flexibility when installing a heater compared to radiant heaters, and they can directly vent through the roof or out the side wall of a garage.


A forced air heater costs more to operate than a radiant heater. When the garage door is opened most of the heat will escape which requires the heater to reheat the entire area again.

Radiant Garage Heaters

Radiant heaters heat the floor and objects surrounding them. The radiant heat is advantageous in that when the garage door opens it doesn’t require the heater to work as hard when reheating the area once the door is closed.

Radiant heaters do not use a fan so they won’t blow dust when heating as a forced air heater would.


Radiant heaters put out a lot of heat and this can be uncomfortable when standing near the heater. Temperature distribution is not as even compared to forced air heaters but if the garages’ primary purpose is to just park vehicles and provide storage it is a more inexpensive alternative.

Location for radiant heater installation is important which may limit your options for placement of the heater.

Financing for Garage Heaters

We offer affordable financing for garage heaters.

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