Ductwork Installation and Retrofitting

Reliant Comfort Systems has years of experience installing ductwork for heating and cooling systems. Reputable Calgary builders understand the importance of installing ductwork to ensure correct airflow throughout the home which will maintain heating and cooling efficiency and protect HVAC equipment. Builder’s trust Reliant for ductwork design and installation.

Ductwork - The Lifeblood of an HVAC System

For maximum heating and cooling efficiency your furnace and air conditioner need proper ductwork to deliver the heated or cool air throughout your home. Poor ductwork design, improper sizing and leaks can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the HVAC system when it’s needed most in summer and winter. Don’t underestimate the importance of ductwork when building or renovating your home. Call Reliant Comfort Systems in Calgary to ensure your comfort in your home.

Ductwork Design Solutions

Reliant is an experienced ductwork installation company providing solutions for both new home builds and retrofitting for homes undergoing renovation. Our ductwork designs assure proper sizing for HVAC systems. When ductwork is too small for a system it will increase the noise level, during the systems operation, and could potentially cause damage to a central air unit. Reduced airflow can cause the AC unit to overheat as the cool air is not moving through the system as required for optimal performance.

Reliant Comfort Systems can design all ductwork for heating and cooling and provide analysis and replacement for systems that may be undersized.

New Ductwork for Air Conditioning Installations

Although in many cases it’s possible to use the existing ductwork when installing a central air system in a home. There are some circumstances that require additional vents or different placement of registers to better regulate the distribution of the cool air for a room(s) in a home. We have the expertise to ensure your ductwork is up to code and provides the ventilation that your HVAC system requires for maximum efficiency.