To maximize your air conditioner's efficiency you can perform basic maintenance which can help keep it in good running order.

Have a look at the unit outside and inspect for any puddles or leaking condensate which indicates a problem that needs repair.

Clear any leaves or debris around the AC unit outside. If the condenser or fan aren’t working as designed it can cause overheating and makes the unit work harder reducing efficiency.

Replace air filters annually. Dirty filters can cause dust and buildup creating air flow problems that can lead to the coils freezing.

Inspect your ductwork and repair any leaks with duct tape. Loss of energy by escaping cool air can increase your utility bills and reduce the amount of air entering from the registers.

If you notice excessive dust buildup in your home you may want to consider duct cleaning to allow for cleaner indoor air quality.

Consider regular annual service checks every spring by qualified HVAC technicians. Maintenance checks are not that expensive and can go a long way in keeping your cooling system running efficiently and working when you need it on hot summer days.