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Stay Warm with a New Furnace Installation by Reliant Comfort Systems

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Furnace Installation in Calgary

Reliant Comfort Systems provides furnace installations to keep Calgary warm during cold winter days and nights.

We’ve built a reputation on superior service with HVAC expertise to properly install the correct size and capacity of furnace required for your home. We'll ensure the unit delivers the desired heating needed which will reduce service and repair costs in the future.

Installing an efficient furnace will use less energy than older heating equipment. The money saved on reduced energy may significantly offset the replacement cost when replacing older models with a new installation.

Certified and Licensed HVAC Technicians
35 years Experience Installing Furnaces
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Furnace Installation Considerations

When purchasing a furnace there is more to consider than just the lowest price. When shopping around make sure you evaluate the following:

  • A reputable company that stands behind the product warranty and provides service after installation
  • The furnace produces enough BTU's for the building’s space
  • Qualified, experienced HVAC installation technicians
  • Condition of the existing air ducts
  • Zone control valves for even temperature distribution
  • Programmable thermostats to reduce energy usage
  • The budget you have for a new installation

Furnace Installation Experts

Over 35 Years Experience with furnace installations

We have over 35 years of experience and use only qualified HVAC technicians for furnace replacements and installations. We offer free estimates and visit the location to calculate the size of the building to choose the best furnace for the heating requirements.

The correct size of furnace is needed to achieve the maximum level of its efficiency rating and to extend the life-cycle of the unit.

We have established relationships with most major furnace manufacturers. This allows to choose the best model based on needs and your budget. Reliant Comfort Systems stands behind the warranty of the manufacturer and provides any necessary repairs free of charge under the warranty policy if anything ever goes wrong down the road.

Best Furnace Prices

We offer fair-market pricing on all of our units and installation. When comparing price take into consideration the type of furnace, as not all are equal. More importantly don’t be fooled by inexperienced start-up companies who may sell a unit for less, but can't be reached when things go wrong.

An improperly installed furnace may not be covered under warranty and as such it may be difficult to find another company to agree to repair the furnace you purchased from somewhere else. This is a common issue which can lead to spending more money than you budgeted for initially. Be cautious and hire a reputable company for your furnace installation.

Recommended Furnace Manufacturer

We can install most brands of furnaces, but we recommend Goodman for price, value and warranty.

Goodman Furnaces
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Energy Efficient Furnaces

Furnace efficiency for furnaces in Canada have annual utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings. This measurement determines the seasonal measure of fuel that a furnace utilizes. Higher AFUE ratings equal higher fuel efficiency.

AFUE ratio is the heat produced for very dollar consumed. If a furnace has a 96% AFUE - 4% of the fuel is lost while 96% is converted to usable heat.

With the AFUE you can clearly see the savings advantage with an efficient furnace when compared to older models with an 80 AFUE or lower.

AFUE Rating chart to show savings

Avoid Installation Problems

Choosing a qualified technician is an important consideration
Choose a qualified technician for furnace installations to ensure maximum efficiency

Hiring a professional, experienced HVAC technician is perhaps the most important choice you’ll make when deciding to install or replace a furnace in your home. It's accurate to say most major manufacturers feature reliable units with similar parts. Despite reliable equipment, a quick Google search reveals many consumers have issues after installation. Statistics reveal the number one cause for furnace system failure is improper installation.

An HVAC system that operates as designed can help you keep utility costs in check. Conversely an improperly installed heating system can increase your costs every month in addition to shortening the life cycle of the furnace.


Professional, Trusted HVAC

Reliant Comfort Systems Advantages
  • All installation work adheres to code and manufacturer recommendations and specifications
  • Furnace installation for efficient, trouble-free operation
  • Experienced, licensed HVAC technicians
  • Technicians treat customers and their homes with respect
  • The work area is cleaned after installation is completed
  • We cover repairs under warranty if anything should ever go wrong
Repairs Covered Under Warranty
Repairs Covered Under Warranty
Furnace Installation for Efficient Operation
Furnace Installation for Efficient Operation
Installation Adheres to Building Codes
Installation Adheres to Building Codes

Important Furnace Installation Considerations

In addition to choosing an efficient furnace, installed properly, there are other components essential for a well designed heating system.


Ductwork should be in good condition without leaks (wasted energy), clean (improved air quality) and properly insulated. read more about the importance of ductwork for HVAC

Programmable thermostats can save you money by lowering the home’s temperature when your at work or when sleeping. Over an 8 hour period you are able to reduce your utility costs by 2% for every degree the thermostat is lowered.

Zone control valves can compensate for uneven temperature distribution in homes with high ceilings, basements or rooms with large windows. Controlling the temperature in each room will allow you to be comfortably warm no matter where you are in the home.


Control Temperature in Your Home
uneven temperatures in home  without zone control valves
Zone Control Valves can compensate for uneven temperatures in your home

More often than not homes require some degree of custom-design work to ensure all the factors mentioned (above) or retro-fitting replacement units are addressed to ensure your furnace runs runs to maximum efficiency and reaches its expected life-cycle.

Reliant Comfort Systems has the experience to professionally install your air furnace.