Coleman Echelon™ Modulating Hi-efficient Gas Furnace

2010 Consumer Digest BEST BUY Premium Category selection as, “The most efficient gas furnace that you can buy”

Finally, get heating performance that hits your comfort level with the Echelon™ Modulating gas furnace! The Echelon provides the ultimate in home heating, because it can match your degree of comfort by firing at increments of 1% to provide the optimum level of heating. The Echelon™ CP9C is the highest rated gas furnace in the industry (up to 98% AFUE), which means more efficiency and lower energy costs.


The Echelon™ (CP9C series) is rated up to 98% AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency, and is Energy Star Qualified.


  • Uses a variable-speed blower which reduces electrical consumption
  • Fewer starts and stops saves more fuel and operates more quietly
  • Makes longer runtimes more affordable for more air infiltration to improve indoor air quality
  • Adjustable for dry, temperate, or humid climates with EcoTrak™ technology